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Queen of Cups Tarot: Meaning

queen of cups

The Queen of Cups in the Tarot is the card of generosity, altruism and love of neighbor. It represents the person of the family who is committed to the education and care of children. The Queen of Cups also symbolizes relationships. Its greatest strength is to be able to create good relationships in every situation. It instills courage in the hearts of people who experience suffering and gives light and hope. The queen of cups presents herself especially to lonely people: women, men, boys or children who do not have friendships and do not know the joy of being together in a family, because they live alone and abandoned.

Meaning to the Upright

The card is suggesting that it’s the right time to create constructive relationships with the people around you. Do not be afraid to show off your qualities, because the relationships you will create with others will allow you to improve yourself and your life. The card also symbolizes the home, or at least a cozy place where there are people willing to take care of your needs.

Meaning in Love:

The card is considered a sign of good luck for love matters. The person next to you is ready to invest in your relationship to make it more and more solid and deep. It is time to create a deep emotional bond, avoiding dwelling exclusively on the more physical side.

Queen of Cups in the Tarot at Work

The time is right to choose a job that allows you to have people by your side with whom you can make friends and, at the same time, find common goals. Even if there are no specific tasks to be completed in the office, you can have the feeling that your role is to be the reference point for everyone and make sure that human relationships are always deeper.

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Queen of Cups in the Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Queen of Cups Tarot Reversed

The card suggests that you are in a negative moment, and fortunately loneliness can be of great help to you from this point of view. This is a time when it is easy to fall into temptation or sin, so it will be important to seek help if you are surrounded by negative people. You also have to face problems that are not yet clear to you, but in these cases pay attention and do not make hasty decisions. The card also symbolizes your desires from which you have let yourself be too carried away without fully enjoying it. In some cases it is an overlap of interests between you and another individual that initially generated advantage for both but ultimately turned out to be negative.

It could also indicate that there are a lot of issues that you have to deal with and that you can’t handle on your own. When it is reversed it is also linked to abandonment and separation, it suggests that you can not find the right balance between family and work. If it is related to a financial issue, it is likely to be a negative moment.

Meaning in Love:

More than a love card, it is linked to self-sufficiency, to what one has little influence on. It can indicate infidelity on the part of the loved one that will be very difficult to regain, but we must not give up because even if the hopes are few it is possible to have a happy ending. The queen of cups reversed is therefore an important warning: if you are thinking of a new love, it is better to wait!

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Meaning in Work

It is a time in life when you are absolutely alone. For this reason, the card suggests that if you have not yet found your place, now is the right time to retrace your steps and look inside. You have to give importance to work and be less emotional. Before deciding to leave it to ponder each option, it may be difficult to find one under the same conditions or more advantageous. The card can also represent a period of strong work activity, in which you receive a lot of support from your superiors and where it is significant to give your best and assert yourself. You have to take advantage of this situation to make a career.