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The Judgment Tarot: Meaning of the Card

The Judgment Tarot

The Judgment is the Major Arcane number 20 in the Marseille Tarot. This card is particularly religious and refers to the renewal of humanity. In the case of the tarot, it appears as a real spiritual awakening.

Regarding the meaning of the Major Arcane of Judgment in the Tarot, there are multiple interpretations:

  • A first theory wants that the angel represented belongs to the order of the Seraphim or Cherubim, and that in this case the meaning of the Major Arcane of Judgment is that of protection.
  • A second interpretation wants the meaning of the card to symbolize the Guardian Angel.
  • The third theory, which is also the most common, speaks of the Angel of the Last Judgment. That is, the moment when everyone will be judged and examined.

The Judgment Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

When the judgment card comes out to the positive, it means that changes are about to occur, not only in a general sense but also in your own staff. As far as the outside world is concerned, the latter would represent the rise of a new and better man than in the past.

The meaning of Judgment in the tarot also means that someone we love or admire is about to return to us after a long time. As far as emotions are concerned, there is little chance of hope at the moment. At this stage, profound emotional upheavals are about to occur with possible transformations of feeling and reason.

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In a metaphysical sense, the meaning of the Major Arcane of Judgment also means that the end of an evolutionary cycle is about to occur. It will therefore be necessary to prepare to receive new energies, new teachings and new knowledge.

In personal life, the meaning of the Major Arcane of Judgment means that changes are about to occur directly in our soul. All this should pass through a process of awareness and inner growth, suitable for profoundly renewing ourselves and elevating us to the universe of spirituality.

Meaning in love:

This card in love indicates that the changes we go through will bring us closer to the person we love. We don’t have to worry: that person is close to us and cares about us, but our mind is elsewhere.

Meaning in the Work:

The significance of the Judgment of the Tarot in business represents a time of great change. The latter can also cause considerable damage. It is therefore necessary to prepare in advance to direct this change in a positive way.

Judgment in the Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

The Judgment Tarot

The negative judgment card can refer to a situation of isolation. There may be changes or emigration caused by an incorrect and unfavourable attitude.

In personal life, the meaning of the Major Arcane of Judgment can also mean isolation and selfishness at a time when it would be important to dedicate oneself to the family and to oneself.

The meaning of the negative judgment card can also mean that you do not feel protected by anyone and that loneliness is your travel companion. This period of personal affliction can also be the result of a finite love or betrayal. A possible marriage could also be questioned, albeit for different reasons.

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From this interpretation, it would seem that the meaning of the Major Arcane of Judgment may mean detachment and abandonment. These two thoughts, however, clash with the figure of an angel who speaks to us. So, to these negative emotions we should contrast something else: hope, expectation or even spiritual search.

Moreover, the meaning connected to the outside world can give us the idea that life is changing so rapidly that it will not even allow us to catch our breath. This process will still be inevitable and will lead us to overcome emotional barriers that we had not even imagined until now.

Meaning in love:

If the card appears reversed in a consultation about love, it can mean that the person in question will have to choose between two people who are equally important, even if different. Here the face of the angel is full of joy and hope, so much to annul any negative interpretation.

Meaning in the work:

The meaning of the Tarot Judgment card in the work represents a phase in which we cannot continue as before. We must change and decide on a new direction, even if this implies temporarily leaving our comfort zone.

The Judgment Tarot: Humanity

The card of Judgment belongs to humanity, which can be represented by the figure of an angel judging the world beneath him.

In order for this symbol to become the Judgment in the tarot, it is also necessary that the card represents something positive, something significant for us. In fact, angels have always been an integral part of the positive aspects of life, and one wonders why. Modern scholars tend to think that the spiritual element associated with the angel is more important than its human form, being a symbol of purity and candour.

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In a metaphorical sense, the meaning of this Major Arcane indicates the achievement of a crucial point in life, as we are about to move to new higher dimensions that can lead us to goals never imagined.

The humanity represented and brought into play in this Major Arcane of Judgment wants to indicate that despite the difficulties, we must try to keep ourselves strong and to preserve our mind and body as best we can.

Finally, according to some interpreters, this card could also represent the return of the people we love. Here, as in the case of death, it is indispensable to remember all the times that have been part of our lives, so that they can return and bring us back to a happier past, albeit also through a memory.