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Five of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles in the Tarot is a decidedly negative card, especially when it comes out upright and improves its meaning when it comes out upside down. The card talks about financial problems, the end of a relationship or an employment relationship. It may indicate a period of loneliness, you may also often feel nervous or frustrated, lose control or even respect towards someone.

Five of Pentacles: Upright Meaning

When the five of Pentacles comes out upright, it indicates that you are probably facing a very complex period, both financially and in your emotional life. It could represent an end to a relationship or a huge loss of money.

If you are looking for an answer inherent in love, the card indicates the rupture of a sentimental relationship, a relationship that no longer gives security and stability. In work, on the other hand, it could be a dismissal, or at least a separation from a job.

This card, however, also has its positive side, it tells you that despite all the difficulties you will be able to find a solution, but you will have to be very strong and have great confidence in tomorrow. Maybe there are people who will help you, but you will have to be the one to look for them.

Meaning in Love:

When the five of Pentacles comes out upright in a reading of cartomancy means, the end of a very important sentimental relationship that you have lived up to that moment. Probably, it will be necessary to pack your bags and let this love to close permanently, but you will still have the opportunity to rebuild your life.

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Meaning at Work:

When this card comes out upright in the tarot, you mean that perhaps a difficult period is approaching. You are going through a time of crisis and something is wrong with your work. You will feel depressed and frustrated, with the feeling that everything is getting out of hand. There may also be a risk of losing your job or suffering a more or less harsh dismissal. The card, however, also warns you of the fact that all is not lost and that there are solutions, you will have to look for them with commitment.

Meaning on Money:

The five of Pentacles upright represents a very difficult period at a financial level. Both in love life and in work, there may be something wrong, but that is preventing you from finding a big economic problem or failing in some investment made so far. You will have to be very careful about all your movements, and you will have to work hard to recover what you have lost.

This card in the tarot can also mean an indiscretion, a gossip that you do not realize, or even a betrayal that you are experiencing within your family.

Five of Pentacles in the Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Five of Pentacles Tarot Reversed

The reverse card can represent a simpler and less complex period. If the five of the money is reversed, it means that the financial difficulties are overcome or in any case are taken in a different way than one might have thought at the beginning. They can also indicate money earned with the affective sphere, someone needs you, or you need him.

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In general, this card rewards those who have worked hard in life, because when they find themselves demonstrating their potential on the straight, it indicates that even in everyday life you will be able to make a difference. However, you must pay attention to what surrounds you, also because phases of your life can occur that can be repeated. Stages that are not entirely positive, for this you should give weight to the people around you and try to reward their presence in your life.

If it is extracted for a health consultation, the card indicates a moment of improvement after a period of strong illness. The same applies to a precarious financial situation, if this card is drawn it indicates that finances will begin to improve, and you will find solutions to meet the expenses. In love, this meaning card will most likely indicate a serene period of mutual satisfaction.

Five of Pentacles: Meaning in Love

In love the meaning is very positive, it can indicate the birth of new bonds. Often even if you do not have much experience, since you are in a propitious phase, relationships end up moving towards a more serious and deep level. In addition, if there have been doubts or fears in the couple, this card will reduce the fears and highlight the renewed sense of trust in the other. This meaning betrays a certain affinity between the parts that reflects that of the five senses.

Meaning in the Work:

The reverse card, that marks the five of denarii in the division of the Tarot, does not only include positive aspects. It can also indicate a simpler period in work and less demanding. Very frequently if it is the Five of Pentacles in division that is extracted, the person will find the right job but will probably not waste much time in the analysis and above all will not have any need for further evidence.

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