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Knight of Cups Tarot: Meaning

Knight of Cups Tarot

The Knight of Cups in the Tarot represents a self-confident person, able to take on his responsibilities and always follow his intuition profitably. This card speaks of balance and inner calm, although from the outside you may seem detached from situations and others. The Minor Arcana of the Knight of Cups indicates that you are able to listen to your heart to fulfil your desires, but also that you are not afraid to get involved. Follow your instincts, you will soon notice your progress, and you will have the confirmation that you are carrying out your mission in the world. The card invites you to keep your self-esteem and critical sense high to resist the temptations of the dark side, the less noble part of you. For this reason, follow what you want from life without ever lowering your head and paying attention only to the goals you have set for yourself.

Knight of Tarot Cups: Meaning Upright

Like the knight in the Tarot, your life will also be focused on balance and making sense of your actions. Follow your instincts, and always try not to be influenced too much by others. Avoid people who are too critical because they will only bring pessimism into your life. On the contrary, surround yourself with people who love you, both physically and spiritually, to express yourself at your best.

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Make your thoughts always optimistic and minimize negative distractions. In this way, you will be able to seize all the opportunities that life offers you. The knight’s card shows that you are skilled at resolving conflicts and remember that in moments of weakness you must not give up otherwise you may fall victim to depression or anguish. Never lose hope, believe in yourself and use all the skills in your possession to face the problems that will arise in your life.

Meaning in Work

Under the guise of the knight of cups in the Tarot, there is an expert in communication capable of bonding with others in a profound way, difficult to ignore. Follow your instincts without being influenced by the people closest to you. Never let yourself be overwhelmed by the great difficulties that life can present to you; follow your heart and passions to feel fully fulfilled and free.

This card invites you not to waste energy on negative people who remove from you that feeling of fulfillment that you seek with all your strength. Look for a reliable partner, think carefully before making important decisions in your work life. Meditating every night before falling asleep will also protect you from the negative effects of the people around you and maintain serenity and inner peace in your mind.

Meaning in love

The knight of cups in the game of Tarot is a generous man in the sentimental field, full of attention for loved ones. He knows what his loved ones really want without needing them to tell him. This card invites you to be kind to others, even if they may not reciprocate in an equally spontaneous and helpful way. The knight of cups in love is the one who sits on the sidelines to observe his emotions without expressing his thoughts with excessive enthusiasm, the one who leaves the other person free to externalize his true thoughts without judging him. This dowry allows you to avoid futile quarrels and to get away at the right time from negative people who do not deserve your attention.

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Meaning in Money

It’s time to invest in something that can make you a lot of money, but without risking excessively from scratch. Something simple, that does not bring you unnecessary anxieties, and that does not require excessive effort on your part.

Knight of Tarot Cups: Reverse Meaning

Knight of Cups Tarot

When the card is pulled out backwards, it indicates moments of sadness, perhaps you struggle to realize your desires, or you have spent too much energy on something that did not work, and now you are exhausted and demotivated. You must try to get out of this situation by trying not to make mistakes that risk making you waste additional time. It foresees dark, disappointing and hopeless moments in which you can do nothing but work even harder to improve the situation. Unfortunately, what you were hoping for will not happen right now, and you will have to wait patiently to see your wishes fulfilled.

Knight of Cups Tarot: Meaning in the Work

If the Knight of Cups is extracted backwards in the work it means that your ideas do not find space, you also struggle to communicate them because others do not seem willing to listen to you. You don’t find anyone who can help you, and you have to fend for yourself.

Meaning in Love:

In love, you will have difficulty communicating with your partner, who will be more absent than usual or colder. You must try to take a position and maintain it, focusing on your point of view and never scratching your self-esteem. If something goes wrong, find the courage to solve everything right away, without resentment or unnecessary recriminations. Thinking too much instead of acting sometimes does not make more prudent choices but wastes useful time.

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Meaning in Money:

The Knight of Cups on the reverse reveals that your economic situation is precarious, you will have to pay many sudden expenses such as bills and other bills, and maybe you will not be able to pay them. You have to learn to be more careful with expenses, or you will have to give up things you want, such as a trip.