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Page of Wands: Meaning

Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is the card linked to the talent and the good ability to succeed of any enterprise. What will distinguish the Fante from a young common man will be security and independence in his thoughts, abilities and decisions. Often he can be considered an active and energetic person but with a rather introverted temperament, despite this he will never lose his good dose of sympathy and will always resort to these qualities in particular moments of his life.

The meaning of the Page of Wands in the tarot is characterized by positive energy, stability, ethics and spontaneous renewal. It refers to a circumstance that arises spontaneously or that has a strong and exciting beginning. The energy of the inner world explodes through his hands without effort or tension. Therefore, it is very aware of its inner strength and shows no signs of weakness or uncertainty.

Page of Wands: Meaning upright

When the paper comes out on the upright it speaks of instincts and the desire to follow one’s heart, despite adversity, without listening to external advice. This meaning is related to the determination and ability to react resolutely to any difficulty. This is why he represents a passionate man but rude in his feelings who never betrays his promises. Another important characteristic of the man of the seed of the stick is his personal ambition and desire to achieve the goals he has set himself with all the strength of his determination.

Meaning in Love:

The inner strength reflected in the card suggests following one’s heart when making essential decisions about love and private life. The impulse to act spontaneously in the affective field is referred to as positive, controlled by the intention not to hurt the feelings of others and to keep faith with one’s heart.

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Meaning at Work:

The card indicates a strong sense of independence and protection towards the workplace. Even if he is called upon to make indispensable decisions that would be subject to high risk, he should never hesitate in his desire for personal freedom with the results of personal plans.

Meaning in Money:

The card hints at a tendency to accumulate money and achieve success without too much effort. But this is not always a strong point, in fact in the long run you could fall into greed, so keep your financial situation under control but without depriving yourself of the joys of life.

Page of Wands: Meaning on the reverse

Page of Wands

When the card is in an inverted position it speaks of the negative aspects of trying to subdue one’s emotions, self-control at the expense of personal cravings and desires, which often lead to a certain reluctance to approach others. You may also have a feeling of loneliness and the need to focus solely on your thoughts, so that you don’t let yourself be negatively influenced by the behavior of the people around you.

Meaning in Love

There may be some difficulty in approaching others, making people believe that feelings and emotions have no impact on one’s choices. In reality, emotions always have a fundamental imprint on our choices. So don’t stifle them, but make sure you balance them with reason.

Meaning at Work

The card can indicate a task that does not give you the chance to receive real personal satisfaction. This meaning suggests a strong sense of discomfort at work, due to limits of tolerance or problems of a personal nature that prevent him from giving the best of himself.

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Page of Wands: Meaning in Money

In this case, the card indicates an image of a pessimistic person about any kind of resource, which could lead to a state of economic crisis. The card, despite everything, advises you to keep trying until you can get what you want.