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The Lovers Tarot: Full Meaning

The Lovers Tarot

In this description, we talk about the Lovers in the Tarot, or the Major Arcane number 6 of the Tarot of Marseille. This Arcane presents two young people who observe with tenderness. It is symbolized by the Sun, which reaches its maximum power in early summer. In this arcane we speak of renewal, regeneration and the strong impulse of nature to grow, despite everything, once again the immense scope of love in all its aspects is emphasized.

Cupid appears in the card, ready to shoot the arrow to unite the pair of lovers!

The Lovers Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

The card of lovers, when it comes out in a straight position, could mean something very positive. It could in fact indicate that you are living a very happy period, full of news and suggestions. In love, it could turn out to be a very important moment: there is something that needs to be started or renewed, but without being worried about the future.

It could also refer to the indecision between two people, maybe you already have a relationship, but there is someone who catches your eye. Symbolically, it indicates a strong person of character compared with a docile and affectionate person.

Meaning in Love:

Precisely in the field of love, this Arcane allows us to overcome trials and allows us to start a relationship with another person who seems wonderful. It speaks of a mature love, capable of combining passion and sweetness. For most people it is a lucky attraction since there is nothing that binds them or forces them to be together. This can be experienced as a love at first sight, but with the certainty that the relationship will be long and successful.

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In any case, this card speaks of a cheerful impulse that makes it possible to start or renew an existing relationship. It also means that if you’re single, you won’t have to wait too long to meet your other half of the apple.

Meaning in the Work:

If you’re looking for work, the cards may indicate that you’ll find one soon. Also, if you already have a job but are thinking of finding another, this card means it’s time to stop thinking and start doing.

The Lovers Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

Lovers Tarot Reversed

It is the card of romantic love, of attachments to loved ones (children, parents), of relationships that are born or are ongoing. Therefore, when it comes out backwards, this card indicates something profoundly wrong with your relationships.

You’re probably surrounded by people who don’t really love you or you’re continuing a toxic relationship with someone you should necessarily let go of. Or maybe you’re in love with someone who doesn’t want you. The key element in your relationship is the lack of reciprocity and this, as we all know, can generate great pain.

In any case, try to figure out where you go wrong in your relationships and free yourself from things that no longer belong to you.

Meaning in Love with The Reverse Card:

In the field of love, Lovers on the reverse mean a desire for revenge and a lack of empathy. In fact, you feel that something is wrong with your relationship, even if it is not clear what it may be exactly.

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Possibly you made a wrong choice, or maybe your partner cheated on you. The fundamental thing is to understand how these negative feelings towards the other person.

In some cases, this card may indicate a new unreciprocated love or a strong bond between two people who come from opposite worlds. In any case, it is something that you need to include in your daily life, and therefore it will not be easy to overcome.

Meaning in Work with Reversed Card:

At work, you have to be careful and take a step back from what is happening. If there are things that make you feel unhappy or if they make your life more difficult, it’s good to talk about them before the situation gets out of control.

In any case, it will be a time of restlessness and insecurity, so try to stay away from emotional unrest and conflicts that could put your work at risk. The reverse card can also indicate a difficult choice that you need to make in the short term.