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The Empress Tarot: Meaning


The Empress in the Tarot is card number 3 of the Major Arcana. It is a very positive card, indicating a fruitful situation or motherhood. It has good meaning in love, marriage, sexuality, and art. The Empress represents new beginnings and is an invitation to create something that is not yet there, plant seeds and see them grow into a new life. When this card is pulled out, it could be because you feel like your creative energies are waiting as you nurture someone else’s dreams or take care of everyday responsibilities that sometimes seem overwhelming. You may feel uncertain about what to do next, how to best invest your time, energy, and talent.

The Empress may also indicate to let go of any guilt you may have towards spreading your wings and taking time for yourself. This could be a good time to explore a new hobby or sign up for a course that interests you. The Empress invites you to take care of yourself, to spend time on your dreams and goals, know that you have the right to enjoy life like everyone else. Let’s find out now what its meanings are upright and reverse.

The Empress in the Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

When the card comes out upright it is extremely positive also affecting the cards it finds close. It is a card that can indicate a moment of wisdom, intimacy and doors that open towards the realization of dreams. It could also indicate the birth of a child or a marriage. Even in work, it brings good news, this card in fact indicates new job proposals, new contracts or money on the way.

In the field of health, however, this card is certainly favourable and means that your well-being status could improve. In case of doubts or uncertainties, he warns that it would be right to seek external help that will help you improve your current state.

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Meaning in Love:

Even in love the card is very positive, it means that the story between two people could become very challenging and long but at the right time. If these people are together recently, then it means that the desire grows more and more and when the time comes they will be ready to enjoy each other.

Meaning at Work:

Even on the work level there is good news, the card is in fact characterized by a gain or a recognition of your commitment. Maybe you might have been offered another job, or maybe you could be promoted to your current position.

The Empress in the Tarot: Meaning of the Inverted Card

The Empress Tarot Reversed

If the Empress’s card comes out on the contrary instead it cancels all the previous meanings, transforming them into extremely negative symbols. If it is a stretch related to the world of work, this card means that problems could arise very quickly. In short, it is a card that does not bring much luck if it is in the opposite position, for this you should pay attention to the neighbouring cards to get a clearer idea of what its meaning could be.

Meaning in Love:

When this card appears reversed in love, it does not bring much luck. In fact, it means that there will be some sorrows or difficulties in the relationship: the relationship could fall apart and find yourself in a period of strong emotional dissatisfaction.

Meaning in the Work:

It could be a sign of postponement, a time to focus on something else. In this context, the same applies to the couple’s relationship: with the card reversed, it is always a matter of sorrows and difficulties or very marked problems.

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The Empress in the Tarot: Friendly Cards

The Empress pulls the cards that represent the past, even to rewrite it and start over. It will also indicate the need to recover confidence in yourself to take back your life.

When it comes to pairings, there are cards that could change its meaning. If the empress is matched with the Foolman’s card, her position becomes unabashedly positive; if instead it is matched with the Emperor, his indications could transform and leave room for a different message, the card is telling you that you have probably found your soul mate.


The empress is a card that can indicate wisdom and intimacy, so it’s no wonder she is often associated with marriage. The straight card in this tarot deck symbolizes love and fertility, which could be an indicator of good news in your work or health. If you are looking to improve yourself professionally or personally, this card should help you, give you an idea of what direction you need to follow. Remember: when one door closes, another opens!