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Page of Swords Tarot: Meaning

Page of Swords

The Page of Swords in the Tarot is depicted as a man armed with a sword in his hand. Its symbol is the balance between power and authority, as well as that between strength and will. An interesting aspect of the Page of Swords is that it is a knight without a cloak, since the cloak would be indicative of material riches. Obviously, in this case, the Page of Swords does not possess anything of the kind.

Although Tarot swords are generally considered weapons with lethal effects, the most common interpretation is that they represent the force concentrated and directed against a target. In our case it is something negative like a situation or behaviour. The sword can then express the will to get out of a certain emotional state or problem, but it is always a weapon. The Page of Swords then presents himself as the classic young hero who awakens and takes charge of his life, defying adversity.

Meaning upright

When the card appears upright, it indicates that it is a good time to embark on a new path in life. You can to exercise your will and defeat your fears. The Page of Swords therefore indicates the beginning of a new cycle that can concern different areas, from work to personal life.

  • In love: it is a card that indicates lively and dynamic couple relationships or friendship. The relationship is serene, harmonious, and the two partners complement each other. There is an increase in communication skills.
  • At work: the Page of Swords represents the possibility of embarking on new professional paths, often linked to technological innovation or the improvement of the service offered to the public. In this sense, it can also indicate the consolidation of the workplace.
  • In the financial field:the card shows the possibility of new gains, or that of better organizing one’s investments to avoid excessive risks. Again, this is a short-term cycle, but it is often positive.
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Page of Swords Tarot: meaning on the reverse

Page of Swords

When he appears in a negative position, the Page of Swords sounds like a warning. It is a sign that we are taking a wrong path. Maybe you’re making an economic investment that could go wrong, or you’re too busy with work and can’t manage your relationship with your family in the best possible way.

  • In love: this card indicates relationships related to selfishness and non-observance of the partner.
  • In the professional field: it can be an indication of social isolation or situation that limits you in the expression towards others. The lack of communication makes it a weak point from which it is necessary to escape.
  • In the financial field:the Reverse Page of Swords presents itself as an incentive to review your investment strategies. They must be reviewed, especially if they have excessive costs that quickly risk impoverishing you.

This card in the reading of the Tarot has the task of indicating the value of the actions dictated by the human will. For example, it can indicate a new professional course to follow or a change in investment strategies. He often embodies himself in the figure of innovation and the entrepreneur who manages to emerge thanks to his determination.