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The Emperor Tarot: Major Arcana Meaning 4


The Emperor of the Tarot represents card number 4 in the Major Arcana of the Tarot of Marseille. This card symbolizes strength and balance and wants you to feel that your firmness and solid foundation allows you to accomplish everything you are building. Strength, power, and construction are expressed by the Arcana not only in physical space, but also in thought; that is why the Emperor symbolizes a guide that opens up new mental horizons for us. Arcana 4 is therefore a wonderful card that is telling you that the path you have taken is the correct one. In addition, it is a perfect card for any new beginning.

On the contrary, the Emperor brings with him rigidity, naivety and an inflexible mind that can lead us into many dead-end situations in which we will be tempted to repeat our mistakes over and over again. So beware of any advice you receive from authority figures in your life because they may be trying to influence your decisions in an unpleasant way. Let’s find out in detail all the meanings of this card!

The Emperor Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

As mentioned above, paper has a beautiful meaning. As for love, it indicates that there is probably a person who is attracted to you for your ways of doing and for your extreme organization.

Even in the work the result is excellent, it means that you will succeed in your project or that your work will have a very positive turn. Nothing unexpected though, but something that you managed to earn with your own strength.

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Meaning in Love:

If this card presents itself in the position of love, then it means that you have a partner who is very attentive to you and with whom you are guaranteed to be able to realize all your ideas. You will like to establish new habits with him/her, because you will always be taken into account.

Meaning in the Work:

It means that your work could benefit from a very positive change. It will surely be linked to a new project that will make you rejoice and give you the chance to realize your best ideas.

The Emperor Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

The Emperor Tarot Reversed

Completely change the meaning of the card! Here it is as if most of the faults are of the consultant, so it means that he is a rigid person, devoid of emotional capacity and is not able to progress in relationships with others. Probably everything that will be born will have little solid foundations, the same result will also be for love. Turning your love relationship into something that could collapse at any moment.

Meaning in Love:

The card if reversed indicates that you have probably known someone who will not be loyal to you or even betray the pact of love. This card could also indicate that you’re taking a risk in assuming loyalty from someone you love. However, it can also refer to your jealousy and suspicion about the relationship of another person who is faithful. You may imagine things or project your fears about fidelity onto someone else.

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Meaning in Work:

If they offer you a place, it will be somewhat precarious and probably won’t last long. Evaluate well how you move but try not to be too rigid, otherwise you may run into further problems related to this area!

The Emperor Tarot: Conclusions

To conclude, we can say that the Emperor is an Arcana who gives us the message not to stop at what we do, but to continue on our way. It is important to always believe in ourselves to achieve our goals and not let anyone interfere. Have confidence in your abilities and do not forget that the path we follow is always correct, even if it is solitary. Sometimes, being able to see the world from another perspective and not from what is habitual can be a very scary thing, but it is also an opportunity to grow further. In the end, the result of this lesson will satisfy us and we will have no regrets.