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Ace of Tarot Cups: Meaning of the card

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups in the Tarot is part of the seed of Cups in the Minor Arcana. This card represents transformation and change and warns us not to be too immoderate in giving confidence to those we should still study and know better. However, it is suggested that it can be a very propitious period and novelty in our sentimental or relational life.

Ace of Tarot Cups: Meaning of the Card Upright

When the Ace of Cups card comes out upright, it indicates that everything will go in the right direction. As you can see from the image, there is a cup representing the Holy Grail. This is full and overflowing with the liquid it has inside. The same meaning is what he wants to convey to the consultant: fullness and moments of joy.

Meaning in Love

This card leads us to think about the birth or awakening of a new feeling that we will have to face with passion and determination. It could indicate the possibility of a new friendship being born that will begin to turn into something else. In the event that the meaning of the Ace of Cups is positive, then it could also represent new encounters and acquaintances with interesting people. There will be situations in which you will be given the opportunity to express your feelings.

Meaning in Work

This legendary card can mean a positive period for work, although there is not always positive news to convey. The Ace of Cups is a propitious moment for new discoveries and knowledge that will influence your goals.

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Meaning in Money

The Ace of Cups is also known for its good news when it comes to money. In fact, this seed represents a positive period both in the financial field and as investments. It could also bring benefits in both areas.

Ace of Cups in the Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

Ace of Cups reversed

If during your consultation you find that the Ace of Cups on the reverse, then you will have to be very careful and act with caution. It’s important to stay focused on your goals. Sometimes it can also be a boring period, where nothing significant happens. Often refers to problematic moments, it can also represent a negative period for both sentimental and personal life. Sometimes it can be a dark and sad moment, where there seems to be no chance of success in love, work or in other areas.

Ace of Cups: Meaning in Love

In love, you may feel understood, you may have lacked respect, understanding, and support from your partner. It can also indicate a period of fatigue after the initial passion. This reverse card can mean that you will find yourself a less helpful person, less reassuring than your expectations. The couple may not work or there will be a very heated argument.

Meaning in Work:

It may indicate a boring and aimless period. Continuous repetitions of activities that do not contribute to changing things and that do not lead to any results. In this period you will have to focus more on your goals, and then actually achieve something in the future.

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Meaning in Money:

The Ace of Cups on the reverse can indicate a dark and gloomy period. If you’re not following a savings regimen and if you spend too much without thinking about it, now may be the right time to rethink your budget and set limits.