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Ten of Swords Tarot: Meaning

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords in the Tarot is a card that can often be frightening. This is thought to be a dark card because it indicates the arrival of the negative event (generally, departure or betrayal).

Actually, this card talks about an important turning point in your life, something that will change you forever. But don’t worry! It can be a tremendously positive event, so you don’t have to fear anything. Although this card may make you think of something tragic, it actually means that thanks to the moments of sad, you can be reborn stronger than before.

Ten of Tarot Swords: Meaning Upright

When the Ten of Swords in the Tarot appears straight, it speaks of a real inner rebirth, where the consultant can start from scratch. In case you find yourself facing a bad event, you can rest easy because you will be able to defeat it thanks to a new desire to move forward to come back stronger than before. You will have confidence in yourself again, you will be able to be reborn, you will be able to find the light and hope that until then had been lost.

Meaning in Love

It indicates that a new love may come, a person who will change your life. It could be a mysterious love, or something very complicated, but you will have managed to get caught up at least a little by the magic and intrigue that lies behind it.

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Meaning at Work

Hint at a new advancement in your work, a new opportunity that allows you to give even more vent to your imagination and skills. Don’t be intimidated by the past and enjoy the present and the future.

Ten of Tarot Swords in Money

It indicates that you are going to find a new security, you can have a big gain for your sacrifices in the past. So do not be afraid, everything will return as before and even better.

Ten of Swords in the Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Ten of Swords

When the card appears inverted it does not change its meaning much, but rather asks you to think deeply about what you want. It is therefore a matter of greater clarity for everything related to your aspirations. You need to be more decisive, check if your possible dreams are achievable over time.

But don’t worry! If you have a precise idea of the future, what you want to achieve, then you can do it. But remember to always stay positive! Never be deceived by the past, by the negative stories that have been following you for a long time… Think instead of the present and the future, and you will see that everything will go in the best possible way.

Meaning in love

When the card is reversed in love, it can indicate a betrayal. It can also mean that love will end soon and everything will fall apart. Never lose hope, but do not make false steps either, try to understand if there is something solvable and in case think about how to do it.

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Meaning at Work

When the card appears reversed, it indicates misunderstandings at work, something that will take away your sleep or that could put you in a bad light with your superiors. If you want you can repair immediately and forget everything but remember that you must never give in, because the final result is safe.

Meaning on Money

This probably means something very negative. They could be attacks on your reputation, or maybe you can meet negative people who just want to take away what you have with the excuse of helping you. Always follow your instincts if you feel they are manipulating or making fun of you.

In conclusion, it is true that this card is not the best but if you think well about how to behave you can achieve very important goals. So always stay positive, and you will see that you will find a way to be reborn.