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Queen of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning

Queen of Pentacles

The card of the Queen of Pentacles in the Tarot speaks of a good success, especially in economic terms. It suggests that there will be an increase in money, but also a situation of stability in your emotional life. You are a much more mature person and you are not afraid to show your true character. It could symbolize a good financial success thanks to an agreement you will make with someone or a solid relationship in the private sphere. Although this card may bring you some good news in financial terms, here the message is another.

The card highlights the importance of paying attention to those who deal with money on a daily basis, and therefore tells you to pay attention to how you invest. This card symbolizes people aware of their economic situation, those who do not go hunting for any opportunity just to make money.

Queen of Pentacles: Meaning upright

When the card of the Queen of Pentacles appears upright, it indicates a lucky moment in many aspects of your life, similar to the major arcane of the Sun. He wants to suggest to you that your way is paved and illuminated. In love, the situation appears very solid and stable, you can’t wait to spend your free time with your family. You feel mature and want to share your experiences with the people around you. The card also recommends positivity for those who are struggling with an undecided period of life. Unfortunately, however, he also wants to remind you that there will not be much external help, you will have to cope with your own strength and put all your effort into it.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Meaning in Love:

The Queen of Pentacles upright could propose a golden moment for your romantic relationship. You may receive positive confirmations about your relationship and find that the expectations you have placed in the couple are widely achievable. If you are single it means that you are looking for a stable, serious and reliable person and soon a turning point in your life may come.

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Meaning at Work:

When the Queen of Pentacles appears upright in the field of work, it means that right now you are at times confusing your work and your personal life. The results obtained with the people with whom you have a direct relationship are better than you expected but could get complicated. Stay focused on your long-term projects if you want to achieve the desired results.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Reversed

When the card appears inverted, it speaks of an unstable period. Your economic fortune may last only for a short time, do not trust too much who will enter your life! He might just make fun of you and take advantage of your belongings. Remember that you will be able to enrich yourself both in economic and emotional terms, especially thanks to your perseverance and determination. You just have to learn to never stop, otherwise your efforts will end in nothing. Selfish or disinterested attitudes could create great problems for you, also try to always assume your responsibilities. Remember that this card refers to a period of maturity and responsibility.

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Meaning in Love:

If this card presents itself in love then it means that something does not work, perhaps the relationship is now over or in any case it is not good. Try to mend things up and try to restart the situation, because it is a very positive card despite everything, it indicates that with commitment you can fix things.

Meaning in Work:

In the workplace, it could mean a period of important professional developments. You will have more opportunities to work with external people to enrich your professional baggage. You will be appreciated and you will find new customers.

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