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Six of Wands Tarot: Meaning

Six of Wands Tarot

The Six of Wands in the Tarot is the card linked to balance and the ability to find peace in a conflict. It refers to the stability and strength to get involved and take risks, even if the result is not guaranteed. It is a card that speaks to us of a return to the roots and a simple lifestyle, far from the comforts of modernity and convenience.

Furthermore, it symbolizes economic stability with constant and secure incomes, but also commitments within the family and one’s duties (in work or at home). These are the energies on which this arcane moves: stability, family, work.

The Six of Wands in the Tarot also indicates the ability to apply and constancy for one’s goals. Even if they will not necessarily be achieved immediately, with a constant commitment and a good dose of adaptability you will get appreciable results. It is an invitation to move towards a model of respect for the rules, because these are the result of a stronger person who has created a balance and that results in common respect that cannot be ignored.

Following the evolution of the meaning and the energetic path of this card we can say that, when it refers to the world of affections, the person highlighted will be linked to a stable relationship with a faithful partner and full of attention towards the couple itself. In professional life, he will be able to obtain the right job prospects thanks to the ability to enhance his qualities and his strengths, placing himself in a proactive and fearless way towards the recognition of his work.

Six of Wands Tarot: Meaning upright

The stimuli that this card evokes are those related to a methodical change, stable and slow but safe. If we work as a team, we will have greater strength and effectiveness in the realization of the enterprise. However, it will take commitment and dedication, the ability to manage problems without ever losing hope (even if the difficulties seem insurmountable).

Meaning in Love

In love, the meaning of this card is more direct, linked to sentimental stability with a partner who gives us security and makes us feel protected. However, we must not forget our responsibilities, first and foremost those towards the family. Only after understanding them will we be able to enjoy the relationship lived in a complete way, not only as a couple but also as parents and children.

Meaning at Work

We will direct our intelligence and creativity towards a stable professional activity, which will give us great satisfaction, including economic ones. The card also highlights the ability to diversify and adapt to situations, even more appreciable if we have not made the most of them in the past.

Meaning in Money

We are under the influence of a card that highlights the strength and power deriving from economic solidity, obtained thanks to constant and predictable results. The object of desire is linked to material goods but also to emotional fulfilment, along with affective stability.

Six of Wands Tarot in Health

All negative situations will be overcome by our body thanks to a balance sought in the food type (good habits must be followed), with the addition of constant checks and a good night’s rest. The affective energy of the moment will help us in this regard, although we should pay attention to the possible presence of any anxiety-related disorders.

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Six of Wands Tarot: Meaning on the reverse

Six of Wands Tarot

In the hostile sense of the Tarot, the Six of Wands, in the reverse meaning, indicates an inclement and tense world. We have all the responsibilities of the case to respect, we cannot afford the luxury of closing our eyes to the commitments or letting them accumulate. These are responsibilities that must be managed with the utmost care. There are also contrary aspects in this card, but if we treat them correctly they will end up rewarding us in every area.

Meaning in Love

In love, we will have to manage very carefully the growing difficulty in confiding in each other, in communicating what we think and our feelings. The partner seems to close more and more in himself every day, avoiding direct contact with us: this is not a very winning attitude because, although there are problems, we can never solve them if we stay away and wait for the partner to be willing to talk about it. We must therefore try to bring him closer and face with him the discomfort that grips him.

Meaning at Work

We are under the influence of a situation that forces us to require multiple professional skills, which may not be the best news, especially if we cannot better manage the time and financial resources available. We should never disdain requests, even if they may seem uninviting: we must first analyze the situations and then find the positive aspects in order to understand how to deal with them.

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Meaning in Money

We are under the influence of a card that highlights the need for a very strong economic control: we should put aside any unproductive expenditure, in order to achieve targeted and precise objectives. The final goal to aim for will be linked to a commitment with a stable and incremental economic return.

Meaning in Health

It is a card that highlights a great potential to face situations of increasing pressure: our body will be trained to manage daily stress, but we will have to pay close attention to the negative aspects of life related to emotional tensions (family problems or with friends).