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Eight of Cups Tarot: Meaning

Eight of Cups Tarot

The Eight of Cups in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot is the card of innovation, new adventures and awareness. This card indicates that you have reached a higher level than yourself, you have evolved, you are moving away from darkness and suffering. It also indicates a change of direction, a net change. It is not something you are doing outside yourself, rather it is your potential that wakes up, it is your soul coming out of the darkness. Furthermore, it speaks of the ability to learn the lessons of life, of evolution in knowledge and experience. As you reap the rewards of your past actions, you change and improve yourself in all possible ways. The Eight of Cups also indicates a creative process, a thought, or an idea that develops exponentially. It can also be the discovery of new skills or tasks.

Meaning of the Card Upright

It is the card of an awareness, perhaps you have realized that what you have built so far is not as you wanted it or imagined it and that the time has come to make some changes. It suggests that by trying to change, you may be able to accomplish what you really want. However, you can also find yourself coming to terms with the purposes of your past actions and having to deal with karma. It will be a difficult and intense path, but you will come out mature and better than you are now.

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It suggests that you are changing, discovering your inner strength by moving away from the negative influences that have limited you. Likewise, it could also mean a change of scope or occupation, or abandoning something or someone. Basically, by now you have gained the knowledge and experience necessary to continue without the cumbersome presence of the past.

You have come to a point where you can do whatever you want, basing your success or happiness on your ability to create and develop the best possible conditions for yourself, without needing someone outside to guarantee it. You can give shape to your ideas and realize them, becoming really master of your life.

Be aware that not everyone is equally suited to the new you; this card indicates that there are people with whom it is better to stop all contact, because they can not keep up with you. Existing problems will be solved over the course of a few months, and you will eliminate all negative and limiting situations.

Meaning in Love:

In love, the card suggests that you are about to embark on an extraordinary journey, experiencing new things and learning to know and accept yourself. Be open to innovation, to the new, to change. If those around you are not ready, it will be better to separate (or take a break), because the time has come to mature.

Meaning in the Work:

Work is an important part of life, so if paper appears in this area, it indicates that you now have the skills and tools to move forward. If you can remove all those blocks that prevent you from doing so, you can move on to the next stage and immerse yourself in your new working reality. If you want a change, know that’s just what you’ll have.

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The Eight of Tarot Cups: Meaning on the Reverse

Eight of Cups Tarot reversed

When the Eight of Cups in the Tarot comes out upside down, it means that there are probably aspects of your life that you are afraid to abandon. It’s as if you want to change but don’t have the courage to do it, or as if there are emotions you don’t want to recognize or relationships you can’t give up. This card usually relates to some kind of addiction, something or someone that represents your emotional ballast and keeps you in suffering and anguish.

It also indicates that the problems generated by your past are becoming a brake for you, preventing you from progressing to new experiences. You feel trapped and threatened by something, you probably don’t want to make concessions because you’re afraid of losing everything you’ve built. What you own is not necessarily the best, and the Eight of Cups is reminding you of it.

If you believe that there is someone better than you, you could blame that person who has now realized himself to your detriment. The Eight of Cups suggests that it is you who your destiny is in your hands, you have never only realized where you could have gone without the negative thoughts that blocked you. Remember that in certain situations there is more courage to fight than to let it go, the card is telling you that you should listen more to your heart.

Meaning in Love:

When the Eight of Cups card appears in love, it indicates that negative relationships or those that lead nowhere will have to be closed. The people you are in contact with now are not adequate for you, so if you want to avoid suffering and disappointment, you will have to make decisions that will allow you to grow and improve yourself.

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Eight of Tarot Cups: Meaning in Work

The Eight of Cups indicates that you have achieved what you wanted, and you may be satisfied, although not entirely. If you happen to analyse your goals, you will find that you have achieved what you wanted, even if you did not realize it.