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Matr of Swords Tarot: Meaning

Four of Swords

The Matr of Swords card in the Tarot asks you to stop and reflect and rest. It could also mean the need to start studying again or resume a job that you had abandoned long ago. You may have experienced difficult situations recently, which have caused you great emotional or material difficulties.

Remember that these are situations that can happen to everyone and that it is normal every now and then to stop and meditate, although it is not always easy to do it, fatigue can affect your decision. You may also think that others expect a lot from you and you need to take a few days off to regain strength.

The Matr of Swords in fact, invites you to reflect on the important things in life and on the value of the people who are close to you. In addition, the Card of the Matr of Swords also carries with it the meaning of inner strength and invites you not to listen to the words of others or to imprison yourself in negative situations.

Matr of Swords: Meaning Upright

On the straight, it speaks of a moment of rebirth after a really complex situation. You ended up in trouble or you went through a really painful period, from which you now want to get away. You no longer want to abandon yourself to what has been, and you find yourself with a new vigor, to which you thought you no longer had access. Fight to get back on track;

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The Matr of Swords in the Tarot suggests that you use your inner strength and charisma to make your way through life’s difficulties. Maybe you really need to isolate yourself and purify your soul, it will be useful for you to regain control of your life.

Meaning in Love:

You and your partner may experience moments of tension and crisis, it’s time to distance yourself. You are suffering too much for a person who does not respect you or who is totally changing, perhaps you need a break from this relationship.

Meaning in Work:

A new project that you are carrying out, may not go according to your plans and the time has come to change course or perhaps you need to get away from a situation that is tiring you to carry out more important things.

Matr of Swords: Meaning on the Reverse

Matr of Swords Tarot Reversed

When it appears upside down it means that you are very thoughtful, you practically go through a moment of deep introspection. Perhaps you’re very stressed, tired, and ready to make essential decisions, but you don’t know where to start.

You are going through a difficult period, perhaps you have lost confidence in yourself or in life, and that is why you find yourself so immersed in unanswered questions. It is normal to feel this way when facing the first difficulties of life, if you can look at them with a more detached eye. So you will be able to take the right value and face them differently.

The card suggests you how to learn from mistakes and be more careful when choosing the path to take in the present. You may not be very sure about your future, but many believe that people often need very little insights to figure out what to do.

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Meaning in Love:

Maybe you’ve met someone you really like, but when you get closer, you’re so shy and hesitant that you can’t communicate your feelings. This is a kind person who wants to be with you because you care a lot, he can’t help but feel the same way as you. Only she may be a little too proud to admit it, if you want to win her heart be more confident in yourself.

Meaning at Work:

You may have had a difficult task, probably unexpected and not well-defined. Possibly they ask you to do chores that for various reasons you can not do, or you need to get to work quickly so that you can finish everything in a very short time.

The card suggests letting yourself be a little more carried away by your impulses, acting according to your feeling. Maybe you have suffered difficulties that have caused a loss of confidence, and this has led to fear of no longer being able to do well what you are doing. The card also tells you that what you are feeling is completely normal. You just have to learn not to see the negative side of certain problems, because at the end of the day you can learn a good lesson from each of them.