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The Magician Tarot: Meaning

The Magician Tarot

The Magician in the Tarot represents the arcane number 1, this arcane is also known as the Bagatto. Its meaning is that of a mature and strong man, a person in control of his own destiny. This card wants to convey the need for self-realization, the desire to get back into the game, the study of a plan to create something better. It may indicate that the consultant will have a chance of success if he takes care of his responsibilities without wasting time on unnecessary issues. The Magician has a lot of energy and wants to use it for a specific task instead of wasting it on trivial matters that are not useful for his personal growth.

The Magician asks us to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses, so that we can use them for good purposes. It can also indicate that the consultant is on the right track if he follows his path intelligently and does not easily give up on his projects. This card is mostly positive but also has some negative aspects, let’s find out by analysing the card when it appears upright or reverse.

The Magician in the Tarot: Meaning Upright

The Magician or in the Tarot indicates that it is the right time for something new, something that you can achieve thanks to your commitment, you just have to put it all in and study your next move well.

It means that thanks to your cunning, you will be able to achieve goals that are so dear to you. But to do it you will need a lot of discipline, as well as the means and a lot of determination. You will have to make an important decision and learn to master something new. Everything will be possible with a good dose of self-confidence, mixed with a few drops of courage.

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Fear in these cases is normal, but you will be able to manage the risk optimally, you will be able to manage good deals and understand who will be the people who will help you on this path. You will no longer have to be afraid of not making it, because you will become independent and diplomatic, you will be master of your destiny and you will be able to complete a project that will prove to be a long-term success.

Meaning in Love:

Do not be afraid to experience a new relationship, in fact you will no longer have to fear because you will be the protagonist of your love life.

Your partner will recognize you as a strong and capable person, where you can count on friendship that over time will turn into love.

Meaning in the work:

You will no longer have to lean on someone, because you will be able to make important decisions on your own. Your self-esteem will benefit, to the point that you will not even notice how your professional life and social status will grow exponentially.

The Magician in the Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

The Magician Tarot

If the Magician comes out in an inverted position, then it indicates a lack of self-confidence, weakness and a lot of confusion. Maybe you lack the knowledge or experience to realize your plans. 

It could also indicate that someone is trying to deceive you, perhaps a selfish person who only wants the best for himself. But not only… The magician is also telling you that your plans probably won’t go as hoped if you continue on this path, you’re probably not ready to get involved altogether yet. Or you may have embarked on a path that you just don’t like.

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Whatever path you are taking is likely to turn into a waste of energy with a disastrous result. You absolutely have to stop and try to figure out what’s wrong, otherwise you risk getting into trouble.

In short, the magician on the reverse suggests that there are people who want to deceive you, someone who wants to take your place or climb over you. Look closely before embarking on any type of project.

Meaning in love:

In love when the card is turned upside down it indicates betrayal, deception and suffering. In some cases, it can mean that the end of a relationship or marriage is imminent. The flipped card may indicate that you simply have not yet overcome an old relationship, but be patient, time heals all wounds.

Meaning in the work:

In the field of work, the magician indicates that something could allow you to make a great deal. Someone is close to you or luck assists you to make your business fly. It could also indicate an increase in economic terms or a promotion. On the reverse side, however, it indicates the opposite, so that you could lose money, have problems with your boss or your customer or that someone blows you a promotion. 

Final thoughts:

It’s important to remember that despite the occasional setbacks, there’s always a way to move forward. The Magician’s card in the Tarot means opportunity and power. It may be time for you to take matters into your own hands and seize the moment!