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The Death Tarot: Meaning of the Card

The Death Tarot

The Death in the Tarot is a card that often scares people because its name and number are scary. It is actually a beautiful card that communicates that change is near. There are many meanings of death in the tarot that vary depending on what other cards are around Death in the reading, but it typically means that there will soon be big changes.

Depending on your question or situation, this could be good or bad news, just like life! But the best way to interpret this card is to look at your question and understand what “death” means to you. It can be the death of something in your life, or it can mean rebirth.

Death Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

When the Death card comes straight out, it means that a profound and inevitable change is coming. It is the call not to waste time, to act because things very often work in a hidden way. It could indicate the death of something in the most abstract sense of the term, therefore the end of a job or a relationship. If, however, a person has recently passed away or left you, this card indicates that you will struggle to get back on your feet, because something inside you has profoundly changed.

The Death card could indicate the end of an addiction, but it can also mean getting rid of something in your life: clothes or furniture, for example.

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Meaning in Love:

In love, death indicates that the relationship will not work, and it will still be very difficult to start again with someone new. It could also mean that you’re stuck in the past with an ex.

The Death card means rebirth when it is surrounded by positive cards, such as the Sun or the World. If this card comes straight out during a love reading, it’s time to let go of your past and free yourself from something you can no longer be a part of.

Meaning at Work:

In work, death indicates that you will have to revise your priorities and is a clear sign of distancing yourself from what you have undertaken. It may be time to start another career path.

Usually, when the Death card comes out in a work reading it means that something has already changed or will change soon due to a situation that is out of your control. This card is a sign that it’s time to have a clear mind and focus on the things that matter or you will regret the wasted days.

Death Tarot: Meaning of the Reverse Card

Death Tarot Reversed

If the card comes out reversed, it means that the change is still a long way off, and could mean a psychological block. The inverted card can also indicate a guilt complex related to death or something else grotesque or otherwise disproportionate to the event. It can indicate a sudden event, such as the fear of a domestic accident or an upcoming misfortune. An inverted card also indicates that there will be a postponement or even the loss of something. In this sense, if you are waiting for a change, it will take some time before it happens and above all not suddenly, but naturally.

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Meaning in Love:

If the inverted card appears in a relationship, it means that there is no passion, nor transport. The reverse card can also indicate a loss of confidence, non-acceptance or rejection from an emotional point of view, but also from a practical one. If the Death card shows up for a consultation related to your current relationship, it means that something of what you are doing or feeling has come to an end and will soon be replaced by something else, especially if there are other positive cards around.

Meaning in the Work:

The reverse card in an occupation indicates that there is something to be removed, something precarious or even could mean dismissal. It can also mean a change of job, but accompanied by unpleasant surprises. A possible flipped card in a professional reading could indicate a loss or theft, but not necessarily with legal implications.

In conclusion, we can say that death is part of life. It is also number 13 of the major arcana, which means bad luck. But it doesn’t have to be as scary as you think because change can sometimes come unexpectedly and lead to more opportunities for success than before. The Death card always means that changes are coming your way, whether they are related to love or work, so all that remains is to embrace them with open arms!