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King of Cups Tarot: Meaning

King of Cups

The King of Cups in the Tarot is generally depicted as a man of mature age with white hair and beard that stands out on the silver crown. She usually wears simple clothes such as a bedroom robe or a long dress. The outer attributes of the king of cups is a large golden chalice that contains his deepest emotions and feelings, the silver crown is instead his power. On his wrists, the clear embroideries of the Man of Cups represent the demanding constraints that he had to endure throughout his existence.

The King of Cups in the Tarot is the card that represents the control of emotions. It means that feelings no longer take over and that every choice is not rash but always thoughtful. This card is an invitation not to let oneself be robbed of the joy of living and to appreciate everything that happens. It is typically extracted to answer some question inherent in important decisions.

This card, however, does not always suggest quick or immediate solutions. The advice that is given is to reflect on everything and carefully examine all the most essential aspects before making a final decision.

Furthermore, the period following the execution of a choice or, in any case, the activation of a plan can be chaotic. The card shows that the effects of decisions do not appear immediately, and the period between reflection and implementation may not even produce tangible results. The best strategy in this case is to hold on and evaluate all possible options before making a decision.

King of Cups in the Tarot: Meaning Upright

When the card is comes out upright, it urges taking note of the emotions and to make a decision on a concrete basis. The consultant is invited to reflect carefully because the decision he will have to make can have the desired results only after considering all the aspects surrounding the story for which the consultation has been requested.

Meaning in Love

In love, this card highlights the attention to detail and the awareness of sensations, in the face of great altruism and generosity. Is the person you are dating able to understand you thoroughly? Or is there something that weakens him emotionally and does not allow him to engage sentimentally? For his part, the feelings are deep, but perhaps he is looking for a person who shows that he appreciates and loves him.

Meaning in Work

In the professional field, the card indicates that your choices are thoughtful, but at the same time you tend not to get too excited about the successes achieved. How can you give more impetus to your skills? Maybe it’s time to question some of your strategies and try a new path. The map indicates a solid activity with a constant trend, perhaps even too much. Is it possible to improve results by leveraging one’s creativity? Is the time right to introduce new stimuli and try to give a little more energy to your work activities?

King of Cups in the Tarot: Meaning on the reverse

King of Cups Tarot Reversed

The King of Cups on the reverse means that the period is characterized by chaos and emotional disorientation. To solve problems, you need to rationalize your reactions and think carefully before making decisions. The card is an invitation not to allow personal matters to obscure one’s judgment and, above all, the invitation not to be carried away by impulsiveness and passion. Only when emotions are under control can the most appropriate decision be made. Also, it indicates that there are people who row against you, someone is trying to put a spanner in the works. There are people who want to take advantage of you or who do not respect you.

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Meaning in Love:

When the King of Cups is in love on the reverse side, he highlights that there are difficulties in establishing a relationship with people. It is necessary to reflect before making any decision, and it will often be useful to turn to someone experienced in order not to make gross mistakes. This card expresses what is important in love life: working on oneself and earning the trust of others. A fundamental thing to establish a lasting relationship. It also indicates that the desire to be loved could lead to naive behaviour and taking wrong approaches. It is necessary to be able to find a balance between instinct and reason, without letting oneself be conditioned by passion.

Meaning in the Work:

Drawn on the reverse, the card of the King of Cups in the Tarot indicates a difficult period for business, in which you will have to do everything possible to proceed respecting the rules. You will have to do your best to be competitive and achieve your goals without neglecting anything.