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King of Swords Tarot: Meaning

King of Swords

The King of Swords in the Tarot symbolizes a brave man, who is not afraid of anything, even what could pose a threat to his stability in private life. It is also the symbol of will, tenacity and self-control.

One of his main characteristics is to be controlled by his superego, by what his head tells him. This sometimes makes it unnatural to do something without first having thought about it very well.

These characteristics make him very detached and “cold” towards his emotions and life in general. So, if this King is seen in a loving situation, it will mean that the man you are talking about is very hermetic in the displays of affection. It doesn’t make you feel comfortable, especially since we never know exactly what he thinks or feels inside himself.

Meaning Upright

The meaning of this King is to be a good master of his castle and its domains. Nevertheless, he hides behind a very serious and worried attitude, as if he feels obliged towards the people around him.

Importantly, he is very proud and is not the kind of person who is easily influenced by anyone else. The greatest characteristic is to be able to control oneself always, even in situations of stress or discomfort. In particular, the Rand swords in the Tarot is the symbol of will and determination, qualities that can prove very useful during life.

  • In love: In love, the King of Swords can represent a very difficult man, because it is not easy to understand him. It could also be the symbol of a reserved person and not very expansive in comparison to their feelings.
  • At work: It can emphasize a very meticulous person, who always wants to do things properly. It could also mean the will to impose oneself on others without too many problems. His weak point is that he can’t get along with the people around him.
  • In money: In this field, the King of Swords can emphasize that you are very cautious and aware in spending your resources. You like to enjoy the good things in life, but you never get caught up in the frenzy to achieve your economic goals.
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Following the path of reading the Tarot, one could also say that this figure symbolizes a man or a woman very independent and determined in their decisions. He does not need anyone to get to his goals, and it must be said that he manages to complete them very often.

This person does not let himself be influenced by the criticism of others, but always proceeds with tenacity and determination towards his success. Some may even think that his safety is presumptuous and that everyone else has to get in line to do what he says.

King of Swords Tarot: Meaning on the reverse

King of Swords Tarot Reversed

The meaning of the King of Swords on the reverse speaks of a person who wants to create a lot of problems for you. Maybe a colleague who takes advantage of you for his purposes, or a false and lying friend.

Even the King on the reverse can suggest that you are losing your determination to achieve your goals. It further emphasizes any kind of dissatisfaction in private or professional life, which leads to making the wrong decisions.

  • In love: The presence of the King on the reverse may recommend that your love life is full of difficulties, without any explanation. You feel dissatisfied and no longer have passion to do something. You may have come to a point where you’ve lost all confidence in the person you love, and they may even make fun of you.
  • At work: The King on the reverse speaks of a person who cannot follow the rules, but still wants to rule over others. You could be the person in question, but also a boss who can’t stand you and wants to hurt you, because he feels threatened by your ideas.
  • In money: The negative sense of paper means that you are accumulating a lot of debts and this will make you suffer a lot towards yourself. Ultimately, the Reverse King can indicate an economically difficult period that makes you uncomfortable.
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In conclusion, the meaning of the King of Swords can indicate a very hard path to achieving one’s goals, but in the end these will be completely satisfying. It must be said that courage and pride are the two main aspects to keep in mind to undertake any kind of affirmation.