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Matr of Wands Tarot: Meaning

Four of Wands

The Matr of Wands in the Tarot is the timepiece of the beginning of the creative phase, in which the foundations are laid for a new planning and action is taken to be able to realize it. It represents mental stability, both within one’s own ideas and in the ability to adopt new strategies compared to those previously used.

When the Matr of Wands appears in the Tarot it means that, whether we are welcoming new energy or it comes from outside, it is necessary to take the reins of the situation and act driven by the desire to achieve something. However, this cannot be done if we do not have a clear idea of how to proceed.

Matr of Wands Tarot: Meaning Upright

It is a very beautiful card, which refers to a happy period that is about to begin. There is a sense of satisfaction, productivity, and success. This card brings with it the feeling of moving in the best direction, not only in the immediate, but also in the medium-long term. It all happens while you are willing to accept suggestions from others.

  • In love: A position of strength that allows us to have clear ideas about what to do. Especially in the event that the relationship has suffered a sharp setback, it is appropriate to talk to the partner to get back on his feet and move forward stronger and stronger.
  • At work: There is a kind of affirmation in one’s field. They increase the chances of achieving great results, especially if colleagues are all on your side and ready to collaborate. It emphasizes the ability to have answers and consistently face the obstacles we encounter along the way.
  • In money: It implements profitable projects and successful plans that have wealth as their ultimate goal. It is a positive card, which spurs us to get to work immediately to obtain the desired results.
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Reversed Card Meaning

Matr of Wands

A bad period from which it is advisable to get out to avoid being overwhelmed by despair, discouragement or finding it impossible to continue with your projects. In addition, aggression approaches arrogance and pushes to make rash choices.

  • In love: There is no understanding on the part of the partner or you feel oppressed, something does not work as it should. If you are single, you can refer to an unreciprocated love. You have to find a way out of these kinds of negative thoughts, don’t let them overwhelm you or throw you even lower.
  • At work: A period of crisis and uncertainty that must be won at all costs. This cycle is very difficult to overcome, but in the end something good will come out of it, as happened for those who faced it with determination and in the end came out victorious.
  • In money: The results are characterized by poor quality, in which easy but transient earnings are sought above all. We must avoid coming to terms with those who offer only immediate profit and without concrete guarantees. Integrate clear values, principles, and rules into your life until you are perfectly able to handle the situation without compromise.

Finally, we could say that, the Matr of Wands in the Tarot represents the beginning of a process from which it is expected that good results will come. It is the ideal time to plan projects and look for the best way to proceed as effectively as possible, even if this will mean having to suffer some sacrifice. The important thing is not to give up and avoid continuing to suffer, the cards only give advice so do not get caught up in despair but try to find a way to look at life with optimism!

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