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Two of Cups Tarot: Meaning

Two of Cups Tarot

The Two of Cups in the Tarot of Marseille is part of the Minor Arcana. This card refers to relationships, often indicates that a quarrel or misunderstanding will be resolved, and basically indicates a very positive image. This reversed card can indicate personal problems or future setbacks in the life of the individual, with possible failure of the enterprises undertaken.

Two of Cups Tarot: Meaning of the Card Upright

This card, depending on the point of view, means relationships, alliances, unions between people or marriage. In this case, it will be very important to understand if it is a marriage for true love or to take advantage. When the Two of Cups in the Tarot comes out to the positive, it indicates a union of people who together will be able to overcome any obstacle.

Meaning in Love:

The Two of Tarot Cups represents love, within any relationship. Relationship between friends or colleagues, but also with your partner or life partner. This card indicates that there will be no problems in the relationship, and it is possible that now the truth can come to light and therefore a very serene relationship.

Two of Cups Tarot: Meaning in Work

Also for work, this card can indicate a period of union between people working in a company. Many times, however, it is only a minor event and therefore does not bring a radical change. Card can actually take on many meanings, for example it can represent a meeting or an important meeting. To know if it is something positive or not, you must always read the single tarot together with the other cards. It is crucial to analyze the context to get a full and clear reading.

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Two of Cups Tarot: Meaning in Money

In the context of money it can mean financing, sales or more. Even if the card of the Two of Cups comes out to the positive, this does not mean that all the problems will be easily solved. The risk is to run into a financial crisis or other that could damage your prosperity.

Two of Cups: Reverse Meaning

Two of Cups Tarot

The Two of Cups in the Tarot of Marseille on the reverse indicates quarrels who you love, it can also indicate misunderstandings or discussions. This card represents difficulties in sentimental, work or financial choices. This card when it comes out backwards can indicate a multitude of personal difficulties or future mishaps. There is also the possibility of bankruptcy in the enterprises undertaken. Something is at the door, and the difficulties show no sign of diminishing. Indeed, they could be even deeper, precisely because one is usually subjugated by others. These people may have played with your feelings without you realizing it. Pay close attention to those around you!

Meaning in Love:

Love right now is certainly not an easy thing to manage. It seems that everything gets out of hand and that no one understands your desires. Your loved one may also be frightened by your excessive insistence on them. In the long run it is likely to tire everyone, it is better to try to slow down a little.

Meaning in Work:

You no longer have clear directions to follow. You have become like a leaf in the wind, unable to see things objectively, and therefore fail to make the right decisions for your future job. Furthermore, you can be slowed down by mediation or interference from others that will affect you negatively. If you are struggling with an important commitment, you must try to remain calm and not be influenced by subjects around you. Your colleagues will not be of the same opinion on everything and will only advise you what they want.

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Meaning in Money:

You are generally very uncertain about the best way to invest your money, or if it is better to keep it tight. The decisions to be made are extremely complicated and economic stability is likely to be compromised, at least in the short term. It is therefore better not to do anything and wait for the situation to settle down a little, is the best thing to do in these cases.