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The Fool Tarot: Meaning

The Fool

The Fool in the Tarot represents the number 0 of the Major Arcana. Thanks to its number it can be positioned as the first or last of the sequence of the latter.

Description of the Charter:

The Fool’s card in the Tarot represents a young man who hangs on the side of a cliff and who does not care in the least about the danger, but on the contrary is curious about what could happen to him. His gaze is turned upwards to observe the horizon and, due to his naivety, he does not realize that he could fall off the cliff.

His clothing is similar to that of a jester, a symbol of fun and lightness. In his hands there is a white rose that represents purity, and next to him there is a dog. This represents instinct and warns him to continue on the path he has just taken. Among the various meanings present, there is also the colour red, synonymous with the desire to live and the need for novelty.

If you look carefully at the map, you will notice that there are mountains in the background. These are the symbol of the obstacles he will face. In this case, the card warns us to pay attention to the problems that will come and not to underestimate them, even if for now we do not yet realize what awaits us.

The Fool in the Tarot Upright:

As you may have deduced, this is the card of the new beginning, of the change towards something better. It means that you, like the Fool, are about to embark on something completely new and from which you do not know what to expect. Probably, your instinct is showing you a new path, never beaten by anyone and that could radically change your life. You should ultimately follow it, always keeping in mind, though, that there will be obstacles and that it will not be an easy process. This means that you will have to roll up your sleeves and prepare for even unexpected situations.

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It represents the real leap in the dark. A leap that must necessarily be made, do not get caught up in anxiety if you do not know what to expect, often and willingly in life you have to change your path if you want to discover places never seen before. It is your personal growth that is speaking to you, and also a little of your heart, that you should listen to if you want to be happy.

Following your instincts can be painful, it can really hurt! But it’s a step you have to take if you really want to be happy. Fear may hold you back, in fact, you should accept it and live life as it comes. Fear is actually your friend, it keeps you alert and allows you not to get into trouble. Listen to her, but don’t let her take possession of you!

If there are people who are trying to stop you, they will not succeed. As much as they may have a strong influence on you, your feeling and heart will continue to tell you that this is not your way. You have to turn the page, and you have to do it now.

The Fool is telling you that life is one and should be lived as such. Its most intrinsic meaning is linked to the fact that you will not have a second chance to live as you want, you have to give yourself the opportunity to experiment, to travel inside your soul and rediscover yourself. You will discover and see places that no one else is lucky enough to see. You must give space to the child in you and accompany him on the journey of life. To find something completely new, but that is really worth living.

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Remember that being afraid, making little-traveled roads and living a completely different life (or experience) will give you the opportunity to develop the strength to be reborn on any occasion. It will make you stronger in the face of the unexpected and teach you how to handle the unknown.

The Fool meaning in the Love

In this area of your life you should listen to your heart, let love take over and get involved in this new relationship that has presented itself before you. The fear of letting go could be so much, the person in front of you may be a little shy, he is not giving you the answers you would like, or maybe you do not know him in many respects. The Fool is telling you to go ahead, to let go and to trust, because despite some obstacles that may arise, in the end everything will be fine.

Meaning in the Work:

The work is not always so easy, useless that deceives you. The Fool is trying to tell you that your commitment, determination, and perseverance could be rewarded with a good result. After all, if I had been lazy and done nothing, would this result have arrived? Probably not! Maybe now is the time to have a little more confidence in yourself for this step that you need to take.

The Fool Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Fool Reversed Tarot

The Fool card on the contrary is instead telling you that it is time to wait. If you need to embark on a new path but are not sure about the results, then it is likely that it is not the right time. This does not mean that it never will be, on the contrary… It only means that you have to find better plan what you have in your hands, maybe there is some enemy who wants to hinder you or you yourself are not yet ready. Work on your weaknesses and then ask the cards what might be the right way forward.

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Be careful though, the Fool person can also want to tell you that the path you are taking is too dangerous for you, that you are not ready or that you may not have evaluated all the consequences it entails. In this case you should re-evaluate your path, avoid taking a path that brings more problems than joys and that in the long run could put you in difficulty and make you suffer. Don’t let this happen, evaluate the situation well and ask yourself if this is really what is best for you.

The Fool in the Tarot in Love On The Reverse:

If the card comes out to you in reverse, then it is a warning. It’s telling you it’s not your course, for now. You are not ready to embark on this story, and perhaps you should wait for the most opportune moment. He is also warning you that the situation at now is unclear and that you may be faced with large unforeseen events that are very difficult to manage. Wait a little longer, the situation could change!

Meaning in the Work:

In the event that the fool appears to you in reverse, then it is better that you do not take this path at the moment. It may be too risky and may only bring you problems. Don’t get rid of your commitments, wait for a better time.