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Seven of Cups Tarot: Meaning

Seven of Cups Tarot

The Seven of Cups in the Tarot is the Minor Arcana that represents illusions. This card indicates that you are probably a great dreamer, or think you are. Illusion is something that you can lose and find again, it is like a game or a dream. It’s the way people show what they really want to be instead of what they claim to be.

Seven of Tarot Cups: Meaning Upright

When the Seven of Cups card comes out upright, it indicates that you probably have dreams that are too big to realize and that you should resize them to get where you want. But paper does not mean that you should not believe in your dreams, on the contrary: you should do it but one step at a time. To achieve something we must act gradually, without giving in to the temptations that life can offer us and above all without hoping to have everything and immediately.

Meaning in Love

In the sphere of love, the Seven of Cups shows an affectionate and sentimental side that you surely possess. But perhaps you have fallen into the web of unrequited love? Maybe this love will be the disappointment and regret of your whole life?

Meaning in Work or Money

This card indicates that you probably lack the financial means to get where you would like. You may struggle to achieve your goals, and you will probably find yourself in trouble, you have to commit and ponder each choice.

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Beyond the Self

This is the last of the suggestions related to the card that I thought of giving you, the less fantasy and more current one. If you have the feeling that you cannot do everything yourself, follow this advice: rely on someone but without sinning of naivety. Go ahead regardless of everything and everyone but don’t close in on yourself.

Seven of Tarot Cups: Meaning in Reverse

Seven of Inverted Tarot Cups

When the Seven of Cups card appears in reverse, it indicates that your desires are probably slavesto avarice and lust. You want to transgress, and unfortunately these vices are two evils inherent in the human soul. There is nothing wrong with wanting something better for yourself, but what should be avoided is related to the fact that you should not harm yourself or others! The consequences may not be pleasant, so you need to pay close attention to how you move, what you do and who you frequent.

Meaning in Love:

If it comes out the other way around, it means nothing more than that the sentimental relationship is going through a very difficult time and the cause is to be found in your behaviour. Probably the differences of opinion are too many and no one knows how to behave anymore. You must try to be less possessive and less self-confident, in this way the person you love can feel free to act without censorship and problems will resolve themselves, even without your interference.

Seven of Cups Tarot: Meaning in Work and Money

When the card comes out upside down, it signals a shortage of money in your pockets, i.e. the expenses are too high compared to the gain. It is necessary to review the priorities and stop and reflect on what is most important. That is, to work so that you can live a dignified life and spend your money with knowledge of the facts!

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In conclusion, the Seven of Cups is a very useful card that indicates that you are too tied to the imagination. The card itself tells you that you should not be too naïve, but you must always move carefully, pondering your every choice.