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Nine of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning

Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles in the Tarot is a card that speaks of goals achieved and dreams realized. It means that after so much work and effort you managed to get where you wanted, it was not easy to face all the challenges that presented themselves to you and yet you made it!

Nine of Pentacles: Meaning Upright

The card suggests you stop and admire what you have built. You have always worked with your head down to get where you wanted and now that you have succeeded you have to enjoy what you have achieved. You could relax, travel, and do the things you enjoy. Enjoy your hobbies, success… life! You’ve worked hard and you deserve it. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable stopping, you’re not used to it. After you’ve recovered your strength, you can think of something bigger and get back to work. You may also think about stopping because you are happy like that and working to maintain what you have built. The choice is up to you, now you are the master of your destiny.

Meaning in Love:

Love must be cultivated day by day, and it is not said that it cannot change. Stories are constantly changing depending on the passing of the years, you just have to learn to change with them to keep them alive.

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Meaning at Work:

Work for you will always be centred on fatigue. Perhaps you don’t love what you do or you’re not satisfied with it, but you still insist because you feel you have to. Maybe you thought you were changing and doing something different, but you were afraid and you gave up. You are still in time, but you will have to run faster than the wind to succeed. If you do, you’ll find it’s worth it!

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Nine of Pentacles in the Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Reversed

When the card appears reversed, it indicates that you are probably acting recklessly. You risk losing money or destroying the beautiful things you’ve built, so think before you act because you may find yourself in unexpected situations. The Nine card of Money in the Tarot indicates that you are not good at managing your money, so avoid doing any shopping. You have to be very careful, as if you were walking on eggs. It could indicate quarrels at work, with colleagues and moments of decline but also personal problems. You should be cautious before acting, reflect on what you are doing because you are too impulsive and risk harming yourself. As for family relationships, it could indicate a betrayal, separation, or divorce.

To get out of this situation you need to develop strong self-control, you need to learn to evaluate the consequences for making any decision. Only in this way can you regain control of the situation, keep negative emotions, anger, and envy well away if you do not want them to destroy what you have built. Ask yourself what is really important to you, analyse the situation and the feelings you feel. When you act too impulsively, you risk destroying everything you have built and deserved with your commitment. Only in this way can you find serenity and return to enjoy your successes without worrying about it. It is not said that it is necessary to change something, the indispensable thing is that you can enjoy your past and look to the future with serenity.

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Nine of Pentacles Tarot Meaning in Love:

The Nine card of Money reversed in the tarot game means betrayal, separation, and divorce. When trust fails, the only thing to do is to get away from that person before they hurt you too much. This card in the Tarot also indicates a small lie that your partner told you. If there are any doubts, do not hesitate to ask for explanations!

Meaning in Work:

The Nine of Money reversed in the Tarot means that you are risking losing money, work and perhaps even the possibility of earning money in the future due to your incorrect attitude.