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King of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles in the Tarot in the Minor Arcana of Tarot tells of a person who has achieved great economic stability and a lifestyle based on tranquillity. A wise man, who struggled a lot to get to sit on his throne and now rests proudly. This card also refers to altruism, generosity and giving without expecting anything in return. In addition, his optimism makes him full of experiences to tell others.

King of Pentacles: Meaning upright

The King of Pentacles speaks of a period of prosperity, something beautiful is about to happen and everything will come thanks to your commitment. Don’t give up right now! This card also refers to delays, everything you get will not be immediate, so you will always have to keep your concentration high without losing heart, you will achieve success but not instantly. Arm yourself with optimism, don’t let obstacles bring you down!

King of Pentacles Tarot Meaning in Love:

The love in this card is an absolute, pure and true love. Just try not to be too rational and make some concessions to your partner for the relationship to work. If you’re single, it’s time to seize the moment, don’t let fear of the unknown or a past history block you. A new love is coming!

Meaning at Work:

On this front everything has been granted to you, you have arrived where you wanted and you have put all your efforts to achieve success. But that’s not all! You have to stay focused because what awaits you is beyond your expectations. You must not allow the current satisfaction to restrain you, you must continue to improve day after day, you cannot stop now! If you have just started a business, you must be ready to accept the suggestions of others. This is not the time to make head or cross, if you do not accept suggestions you can remain stalled. As long as you can keep up and stay steady, you will achieve your goals. You can’t go wrong if you do things calmly, given the stable situation.

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King of Pentacles Tarot Meaning on Money:

The King of Pentacles allows you to have a fulfilling style and enjoy your belongings. If you are an entrepreneur you will have much more confidence in your business, you will be willing to invest even more and you will get where you want. If you are a worker, take advantage of every because they could lead you to success! The card also denotes naivety, you have to be cautious in managing money because not everything that looks good is such. Pay attention to those around you, you need to stay strong, goal-oriented and not allow obstacles to undermine your determination. Try not to be guided by instinct, you risk trusting the wrong person. Deception is just around the corner, for this you need to be even more cautious!

King of Pentacles Tarot: Meaning on the Reverse

King of Pentacles Tarot Reversed

When the card appears reversed, it means that you are probably too attached to your money and do not give importance to the people next to you. Surely it is due to the fact that to get to have what you have put a lot of effort and you are afraid that someone will take everything away from you. You should trust the people around you more, not everyone wants to rip you off or hurt you. Remember that if you move away from the people you have close to you, you could then find yourself alone and if you were one day to need help you would not find anyone willing to do it.

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Another meaning of the card can be related to a person who is cold and materialistic, someone who is not at all willing to share what belongs to him. The meaning of this card is therefore linked to the importance of being generous with others, of being ready to help, especially when you require it. This allows you to enjoy the people you have next to you, so many beautiful things in life await you, you just have to better manage your human relationships.

Meaning in Love:

If this card appears in a love question, it means that you are not living the relationship to the fullest, you are probably too attached to material things and you are afraid to share with your partner everything you have. Do some cleaning in your life and relax, in a few months you may regret not having done it.

Meaning in the Work:

The card if raised indicates that probably in a few weeks trouble will arrive in the office, they are not serious troubles but they could create problems. You should pay attention to how you behave with your colleagues and especially with the bosses.

Meaning in Money:

You should pay more attention to expenses and try to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you have money on your side, it may be time to invest it in something.