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Seven of Swords Tarot: Meaning

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords in the Tarot refers to a moment of anxiety, to a situation of oppression towards the outside world. You probably feel the need to avoid a problem and you want to escape, to isolate yourself.

The card suggests that you can’t do anything about it, so you just have to stay calm and hope things get better. You must learn to face problems with serenity and you must remember that it is not the end of the world.

The Seven of Swords is telling you that slowly things will settle down. We cannot control our whole life but we can at least be able to face difficult situations without being afraid and frightening. Today we need courage because resilience becomes a necessary characteristic, we must learn not to let ourselves be crushed by the adversities of life.

Seven of Tarot Swords: Meaning of the Card Upright

When the card comes out upright, it indicates that you need to get strength and see life from another perspective. Running away won’t make your difficulties go away. You have to be able to deal with your malaise and try to solve it in some way.

Meaning in Love:

The card suggests that right now the love life goes a little slowly. It must be remembered that everyone has their own path to follow and there is nothing wrong with loosening relationships for some time. The world goes on even without us. The straight card can also indicate a strong connection with a partner who does not allow us to be without him/her.

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Meaning at Work:

At work, you risk getting a few arrows from someone who is trying to make you understand that you are not doing your job well. You may also be required to make a big sacrifice, but in the end you will get a prize. You just have to be a little patient to try to sustain the boost that will be given to your career.

Seven of Tarot Swords: Meaning of the Reverse Card

Seven of Swords Tarot Reversed

When the card appears upside down, it wants to tell you that you have to try to face the difficulties to embrace a new change. It can’t always be everything as you wish, but you can find the positive side of a negative situation.

Meaning in Love:

When the reverse card shows up in the consultation related to the couple’s relationship, it can mean that not everything is as quiet and serene as it seems. Somehow within your relationship, there is a bit of embarrassment and discomfort. It does not mean that the couple is about to break up, indeed it is only going through a particular moment that can be experienced as negative. It may have popped up jealousy, but it may also be that one of the two did something wrong, and then these negative feelings come out.

These could also be the first signs of a betrayal! You can try to talk about it with your partner, but if he/she continues to deny the problem, you should seriously consider the consequences.

Meaning at Work:

When the reverse card shows up in employment relationships, it could mean some discomfort between you and your superior or colleague. Even in this case, however, it does not automatically mean that your relationship will end badly, when the card appears backwards it means that you have to strive to find some optimism in a negative situation.

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On the part of the person you fear, there may be some dissatisfaction with your work. You should take the time to assess the situation and if you don’t feel comfortable in your current position, you should try to find something that makes you really happy.

In short, the card wants to remind you that you have to face your life with serenity. Do not wait for fate to decide for you, but you can change something with determination, decision, and renunciation.

Maybe there are some old habits that no longer do you good. Perhaps they are connected to a problem you are experiencing right now and you must ultimately try to solve it. There are solutions to everything if you just decide to try them, but above all take courage to face all kinds of adversity.

The fact of continuing to be a slave to your fears will not benefit you. Issues can be tackled decisively. Do you want to spend your life hiding? To fear the future? Or do you want to change something and realize that it’s not that difficult?

Card tells you to face life’s challenges with serenity, nothing is forever. Not even the difficulties! After all, fear is useless and may even prevent you from enjoying all the beautiful things around you.