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The Fool and The Justice Tarot: Combination

The Fool and The Justice Tarot

The combination of the Fool and Justice in the Tarot has something contrasting. In fact, it is well known that the Fool represents optimism, curiosity, spontaneity, and naivety. The Charter of Justice, on the other hand, is usually interpreted as balance, equity, order, and legality. When paired together, these two cards can help define areas of your life where you may need to improve your approach to the outside world.

The Fool and The Justice Tarot: Meaning in Love

Ideally, the naivety of the Fool is balanced by the card of Justice. The Fool also seeks to discover what he is really looking for in love without being forced by fear of rejection or anguish of being hurt. The best way to live is to have no worries that will weigh them down or distract them from finding what they need. It is therefore very important to be optimistic and hopeful about what you really want in a relationship, and not to be afraid to risk or make mistakes.

The Fool and The Justice Tarot: Meaning in Work

When the Fool is matched with the Justice Card in work, it means that sometimes effort and patience are required to complete a goal or task. The Fool teaches us to understand that if he cannot accomplish something right now, it is right to take a break and try again later. It is also important not to expect too much from yourself or others because this can lead to disappointment.

Meaning in Money:

The combination of the Fool with the Justice card can be interpreted as balancing your spontaneous and optimistic attitude with a realistic approach to your income. Therefore, when the Fool and the Justice card combine, it can represent that you need a real balance in your finances. Therefore, you will need to decide how much of your income is allocated to saving and how much to spend on entertainment. You must have a careful view of the situation so as not to fall into any problems that are difficult to solve.

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Finally, we can say that when the Fool is combined with the Tarot card of Justice, it means that you have to find stability between optimism and realism. You can’t expect everything to happen by itself. Sometimes you need to work hard to get what you want, but always be optimistic about achieving your goals.