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The Fool and The World Tarot: Combination

Fool World

The combination of the card of the Fool and the World in the Tarot is something very special. In fact, the Fool represents a person who does not always make the best decisions, but is willing to take these risks. The World card in the tarot instead means completion and perfect happiness. This card symbolizes living life without regrets, which is what many people aspire to sooner or later. The Fool’s journey has finally come full circle to achieve this state of perfection in his wisdom.

The Fool and The World Tarot: Meaning in Love

When the Fool and the World appear in a reading related to love, it means that your relationship is in a perfect state of harmony. The key to maintaining this bliss is for both people to be open to each other, caring and loving without expecting anything in return.

If you are single, you may even find your soulmate in a short time. In fact, it is time for you to stop looking for love, because he will find you, even if it does not seem, this is what the cards of the Fool and World are trying to tell you.

The Fool and The World Tarot: Meaning in Work

In case these cards appear in a career-related reading, it means that you have mastered your chosen field. You are not afraid to take risks and you have a strong sense of adventure. Maybe this is why you’ve been so successful lately.

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Meaning in Money:

When the Fool and the World show up at a consultation on money, they mean great luck and abundance on the way. You no longer need to worry about problems related to this aspect because everything will be resolved for the better. In addition, this will happen even if your work does not go well. The cards are telling you that you will soon find a new job that can bring you financial benefits.


To conclude, the pair of the Fool and World cards in a reading is the one that many people hope to receive. It’s even better if you draw both cards when you look at your love life, because this means that everything is going great.

The only thing standing between you and happiness right now is yourself. Sometimes it can be difficult to let go of your fears, but you have to understand that life is the Fool up of risks and it will be thanks to overcoming the latter that you can move forward successfully in life.