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The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune Tarot: Combination

Fool Wheel of Fortune

When the Fool and The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot come out together, it means that change is inevitable. It can be hard to accept, but it’s something we need to embrace for the betterment of ourselves and our world. The combination of the Fool and the Tarot Wheel is an example of change and action. In fact, they represent unpredictability, which is not always a bad thing!

The Fool is unpredictable in its movement, while the Tarot Wheel has no fixed direction. Together they represent the concept of metamorphosis, something that should not be feared but embraced with all the heart!

Think about how different your life would be if you could learn from the experience without regrets or worries, a similar attitude could help you live life from a completely different point of view.

The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune Tarot in Love:

By connecting The Wheel of Fortune in Love to the combination of the Fool, we can see that life is full of unpredictability. Not knowing what’s going to happen next can be a scary experience for some people, but it shouldn’t be. The Fool and the Tarot Wheel refer to a change that will allow you to have something better! This forces you to think differently about things, even when it comes to love. The unpredictable nature of both elements also means that there are open opportunities and novelties within the couple.

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The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune Tarot in Work:

Also in this case, the Fool and The Wheel of Fortune speak of an important innovation. An example of how change in work could lead to something positive is if you were able to learn from your mistakes without regret or worry. An attitude like this could help you live life from a completely different perspective. There are open opportunities for job variation and there is a possibility of advancement or promotion.

Meaning in Money:

This combination could bring new revenue, most likely through a new idea or something unexpected. Since the Fool is not moving in a specific direction, he may need to be guided with strength and determination by the Tarot Wheel. This may require an influx of physical energy, but it could also mean hard work in to get out of a period with little income or other areas of lack.


To conclude, The Fool and The Wheel of Fortune are two concepts that represent metamorphosis, something that must be embraced rather than feared. They are both unpredictable, but it is often through this unpredictability that new ideas come to light. This duality could bring some luck with money if treated carefully, but also in other very important areas of life.