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The Fool and The Hermit Tarot: Combination

Fool Hermit

The Fool and The Hermit in the Tarot are a very special combination. In fact, the first card, the Fool, represents a person who takes a risk in life and enters an unknown territory. The Hermit symbolizes a sage or seeker of truth who embodies the virtues of contemplation and reflection. When these two cards are combined into a reading, they could mean that you are going to take risks to find your truth but it can also mean introspection and loneliness, as well as spiritual growth through meditation and reflection.

The Fool and The Hermit Tarot: Meaning in Love

When it comes to love, these cards often point to momentary changes or new opportunities that are emerging in the relationship. It might be a good time to take a risk and see what comes out of it or leave and start over to try new things, but the Hermit alone could mean a desire to withdraw from society and spend time alone or on personal projects.

The Fool and The Hermit Tarot: Meaning in Work

In the same way that these cards indicate new opportunities in love, they can also represent different paths you can take in work. You may need to do more interviews or research to find what you’re passionate about, or you may take a step back and take time for introspection so you can re-evaluate where you are now. The Hermit, in combination with the Fool, is likely to announce new challenges and changes to follow your dreams.

Meaning in Money:

Cards are likely to accompany new opportunities in your financial life. These can be changes or challenges to be faced, or they can even mean the need to take time to think about what to do next. In fact, it may take a period of reflection before you can make any decisions or take action.

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You may feel lonely, or you may want solitude or a quiet time. If these are the feelings you have, it suggests that taking some time to isolate yourself from the world is helpful before facing new challenges or making big changes in life.


To conclude, these cards when they are together symbolize the idea of self-reflection to progress in life. You may be about to take risks in love, in your career or in your financial life and there is nothing wrong with that. But the cards suggest that taking some time to explore yourself is useful before making decisions that may be unsuitable for the situation you are experiencing.