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The Fool and The Magician Tarot: Combination

Fool Magician Combination

The combination of the Magician and The Fool in the Tarot represents the change towards something better. Specifically, the presence of the Fool means that you are about to embark on a new journey and that can radically transform your life. Perhaps instinct has shown you the right path from the beginning, but it will not be as easy as you thought to go on with this constant progress in the world where opportunities always change compared to those of the past.

This card, in addition to indicating that you can not stand still, invites you to seize the opportunities that only suddenly the surrounding environment puts in front of you and to do this you do not have to leave anything to chance. You will be able to redeem your greatest projects, and at the same time you will be ready to face with confidence the opportunities that will most likely present themselves to you without any warning.

The Fool paired with the Magician’s card suggests you follow your heart and have confidence in yourself. It expresses that you should stop worrying about everything that others think or say, because it will get you nowhere. If you can’t change yourself, then try to change those around you by looking for people who will make you feel good. This next step can bring great changes.

The Fool and the Magician therefore represent a necessary change that will lead you towards a new life, a new reality, a new beginning.

The Fool and The Magician Tarot in Love:

These cards recommend that you now need to think about your heart and that your marriage or relationship could bring you something positive. Don’t let yourself be held back by the past, and follow the change that is leading you to a new life. You could leave a partner or a wedding for something new. A passionate person might come into your life, perhaps for the right reason.

The Fool and The Magician Tarot in Work:

Your personal choices are very important, and you should find a good work-life balance. Follow your instincts, let go of everything that is not worth and focus on your career and the opportunities that could guarantee you success and good results.

Think about what you really want to do for the rest of your life, and leave aside activities that satisfy you little. The Magician and The Fool together can mean a new principle, so try to give your work a new meaning and listen to your impulses.

Meaning in Money:

New income could arrive, perhaps a bonus or a new job offer. Think carefully about how to move and decide if these are the best choices for your future. Pay attention to investments, maybe think of a better way to invest your money, but try not to make mistakes. Take some time before making any financial decisions and choose carefully from all possibilities.