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The Fool and The Temperance: Tarot Combination

The Fool and The Temperance

The combination of the Fool and the Temperance in the Tarot can be interpreted as the naivety of the Fool mixed with the temperance necessary to avoid temptations. Usually when the consultant appears this combination, it means that he needs balance between his desire for success. But also to find pleasure in what he does, taking on the consequences that derive from it. This card is often seen in people who are great at balancing work, family, relationships, and more.

The Fool and the Temperance Combination: Meaning in Love

When Fool and Temperance appear in a love reading, it means that you are involved with someone who is more problematic than it appears. There may be commitment problems, an addiction, or simply a general feeling that makes you realize that your partner isn’t good for you.

If you’re single, but want to be in a relationship, this combination could mean you’re ignoring the red flags of someone who isn’t for you. This could happen because the desire to be in love beats your common sense.

Whatever aspect you asked for, when Fool and Temperance show up in a Tarot reading, it means that you need to learn how to balance your desires.

The Fool and The Temperance Combination: Meaning in work

Foolishness and Temperance may indicate that the consultant needs some balance at work. It may also be time to consider something new or different, ultimately better.

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If you’re on your own, this card might suggest that it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and take some new action or learn something new.

Meaning in Money:

When, on the other hand, Fool and Temperance appear in a reading on money it can indicate that you need to find a balance between expenses and savings. There is also a strong possibility that luck plays a decisive role in future earnings or that there is an unexpected gain.


In general, this combination of cards is a warning to those who have been sitting with their hands in their hands and have not exploited their potential. It can be seen as a boost from the Tarot to find a balance in life, especially between work and private life.